10 Tips To Heal a Sick Home and Have a Home Free of Negative Energies

Perhaps it has happened to you that when you enter you’re homesick, you perceive a strange and inexplicable feeling of heaviness, very similar to the one you appreciate when you are next to certain people. That is called negative energy, which turns our home into a hostile, disgusting place and where it causes you to flee, instead of staying to rest.

That has happened to us all, and not just in our homes. We have also felt it in the workplace, in studies and in almost all those places we frequent. However, in the particular case of the place we inhabit, we must pay attention to certain situations that generate negativity. Maybe that is your case, that you are generating negative energies and you do not know it.

For example, discussions with your partner or people living under your roof can leave energetic after-effects inside the sick home. Likewise, individuals who constantly go through life seeing everything in a negative way, with pessimism, to those who despair clothes, leave very unfavorable stelae.

Get inside yourself to clean your sick home

When you have that feeling of your house sick, that which is not seen but that you definitely perceive it, you must start by cleaning your interior. How to know that you are the first to clean? When you see sudden mood swings, it makes it easy to start fights, you feel uncomfortable inside your own home … It’s time to act and fast!

You are obliged to recover the peace that you must breathe in that sacred place, where you can conciliate a restful sleep and you easily detach yourself from stress, caused by so many tense or unpleasant situations faced throughout the day. For this, there are multiple tips, and we will share some with you.

But before, it is important that you recognize that in effect, you can be generating part of that tension that you feel in your home, then begin to clean inside you and thus continue with the purification of the physical space that surrounds you. Only “from the inside out” will you achieve that longed-for sanitation.


Reflect on your life, your relationships, how you bond with the rest of your peers. Analyze if you are actually a nice person for the majority or if you feel that they may become a toxic person. From there, begin to correct attitudes and the way to connect with those around you.

Order in your life, order in your house

Once ordered your life, order your house ill. Do not accumulate things that you no longer use or that are in poor condition. Get out of it as soon as possible as it brings a lot of negative energy.

Apply the law of vacuum

Once your house is clear of useless objects, give it a good cleaning. If it is the floors, a deep mop with water and enough salt collaborates with the elimination of negative energies.

You must get rid of all the clothes and shoes that you no longer use. Also, put all the papers that you notice serve.

Let air circulate

At least once a week, open all the windows of your home, allows the air to flow throughout your home, but much better if you do it in hours of little traffic.

Use light colors

Paint the walls of your sick house in pastel shades, in those places that are related to rest like your room or the restroom.

What to do if you still feel heaviness?

-You are probably not making the most of the recommendations given, however, there are still others that can also be used, which will undoubtedly contribute to your home becoming again that shelter that was always.

-Places many natural plants.

-Allows the entrance of sufficient natural light to your house; the sun will help eradicate negative energy.

-Remove the mattresses from the beds and put them in the sun, at least once a month.

-Order your bed every day, dress it carefully. This will mark the beginning of your day and when you return, when you go to sleep and discard it, it will signal the end of your journey.

-Fruits contribute to the positive energies flowing throughout the house. As much as possible, keep it in the kitchen or in the place where you eat.

Meditate also works

Cleaning the house and also the mind is key to expel definitely all the negative energy that surrounds us. If you have bad thoughts, you suffer from constant fears, stress and stress are stronger than your will is time for you to indulge in deep meditation. Balance your chakras, eliminate the mental obstacles that you often put without realizing it. Reinforce your self-esteem, love yourself a lot.

Believe in your dreams and fight for them, self-convince yourself that you can achieve all your goals, keep only positive thoughts and surround yourself with enterprising people. Treat yourself a couple of days a week and go for meditation. Use aromatherapy in those intimate moments of yourself; relax in a comfortable, quiet place but you can also listen to pleasant and serene music while performing your meditation.

Enjoy a clean home

If you develop each of these tips, you can assure that soon you will begin to enjoy a clean home of negative charges, you will see how the tensions and tenseness among the inhabitants of your house will diminish. In addition, it will be much more fun to be in a home with more space since you will have come out of the unnecessary, and where order and cleanliness prevail.

Finally, to make sure that your home stays free of negative energies, you often listen to soothing music and volume that does not disturb you. Periodically purify your house so that it is kept clean of unpleasant loads, using aromatic candles, oils or incense burners.

Avoid at all costs that the negative energy returns to your house; preserve your home with the harmony that you deserve, take care of it as the precious object that it is. It is your refuge and there you must feel tranquility and protection.

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